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Lawsuit Cash Advance

No broker fees. We are a direct funder. That means when you work with us, you’re getting it straight from the financial source—no additional fees involved.

Things to Remember When Applying to Funding Companies

Conducting a research before finally deciding to accept an offer from a legal funding company is an essential thing victims or plaintiffs should always do. They should be educated that rates differ from one company to another. The rates we offer here at Pegasus Legal Funding are guaranteed the lowest in the industry. It is also important that before victims accept a lawsuit cash advance offer from another company, they should be presented with a clear outline of the interest rates and how the charges are being calculated.

Additional Considerations Victims Should Take Note

There are also other legal funding companies that can only provide a limited lawsuit cash advance. These companies have no ability to support the right amount of fund the victim needs. We at Pegasus Legal Funding have been in the industry for a long time now, and we have established not just our reputation but also enough resources to be able to provide the victims based on their actual need. We can support lawsuit cash advance application from $500 up to $500,000. Even if the victim doesn’t need a huge amount, it is still advisable to transact with a huge company. This can help, especially if the victim needs additional funds during emergency cases.

Reasons Why You Need to Choose Us

Applying for a lawsuit cash advance here at Pegasus Legal Funding is risk free. We will show and discuss to you anything you need to know; from the charges, how we come up with the interest rates and more. This means we protect you and your rights. We also do these things so that you can compare how our services are more efficient compared to other legal funding companies. You can even compare our written contracts to other companies that have been claiming that they offer the lowest rates and see the difference.

To convince yourself more, you conduct your own research and when you are finally convinced, we at Pegasus Leal Funding would be glad to discuss things with you.

Why Choosing Us Would Be Your Best Move

Simple, Pegasus Legal Funding has been serving a lot of victims and plaintiffs for 14 successful years already. We have been helping a lot of victims in claiming the settlement they truly deserve by providing them a lawsuit cash advance. Aside from that, we assure each and every one that we are honest company that provides the lowest rate in the industry; as low as 1.67% a month.

The process for applying a legal funding with us here at Pegasus Legal Funding is also fast and easy. After you submitted your application, we will then be evaluating your case to see its merits. If you are approved, we will let you know in just 4-6 hours. The funds will also be available in a span of 24-48 hours.

If by our assessment, your case is strong and worth the investment but you still no lawyer to present your case in the court, we would also be glad to help you with that. We have been working with professional, experts and experienced lawyer that we can recommend to you for increase chances of you winning the right settlement that you definitely deserve.

There are also victims that come to us who are severely injured. We can also help them with that. We have the best network of hospital, doctors and surgeons that just don’t provide high quality medical services, but also give you the best and lowest rate you can’t find from others.


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