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No credit check required. Good credit, bad credit, or no credit, if our underwriters determine that your case qualifies for a lawsuit cash advance, we will get you the funding you need as soon as possible.

Danger Of The Traditional Loan

Mark was walking in an old city building when the floor collapsed underneath him. He was hospitalized for several weeks after the accident, and the doctor told him it would be several months before he would be able to return to work. He realized money was going to be tight until he received his personal injury settlement due to the decrease in income. So, he applied for a loan and put his truck up as collateral. He received the money and was able to keep his bills paid for several months after the accident. However, six months after he received the loan, he was running low on funds. By taking out the loan, he added to his monthly expenses. He did not get to wait until he received his settlement to start paying back the loan. Instead, he had to start paying back the loan the same month he took out the loan. Although the loan helped at first, after a few months, it was an additional financial burden. Eventually, he defaulted on the loan and lost his truck.

Traditional loans often add to the stress of an already difficult situation for personal injury victims. Personal injury victims like Mark need the money immediately, but they also have to start paying back the money immediately. If they had the money to pay bills, they probably wouldn’t be taking out a loan in the first place. However, by taking out a loan, they are increasing the number of bills they have. A non-recourse cash advance from Pegasus Legal Capital is often a safer method of obtaining money for individuals like Mark. Unlike a loan, a cash advance from Pegasus Legal Capital does not require immediate payments. Payment is not required until after a settlement has been reached. Thus, the individuals have the money when they need it and don’t have to pay it back until they can afford to pay it back. Plus, non-recourse cash advances from Pegasus Legal Capital do not require physical collateral. Instead, the potential recovery from the injury is the collateral. So, if the individuals do not recover, they do not have to worry about losing the collateral they put down. Thus, a non-recourse cash advance from Pegasus Legal Capital can often be a safer route for personal injury victims than a traditional loan.

More Than Money

A mother was walking home with her five-year-old son one night. As they were passing an apartment building with a lot of college kids partying on a balcony, the five-year-old dropped his toy truck. He stopped to pick up the truck. The mother heard a loud crashing noise behind her and screams from the balcony. She turned around to see her son on the ground covered in blood and surrounded by glass from a broken bottle. The child suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of being hit in the head by the bottle. The five-year-old will have permanent brain damage, including problems breathing, problems walking, and loss in control of muscle reflexes and speech capacity.

A traumatic brain injury can be devastating to the injured victim as well as the victim’s family. It can be especially difficult for parents of an injured child. There are few things more devastating than learning your child will never be able to function the way a normal child can again.

Individuals in circumstances like these have enough to worry about. They should not have to worry about how to pay for the medical bills and expenses. That is where Pegasus Legal Capital comes in.

Pegasus Legal Capital cannot remove the emotional burden that is caused by a serious personal injury, but they can reduce the financial burden by providing funding to individuals in these kinds of circumstances.

Making Justice Worth the Battle

Maria is a 72-year-old woman who slipped and broke her hip because of a local store’s negligence. She retired seven years ago and had a modest retirement plan. The bills from the accident were cutting deeply into Maria’s retirement plan. She did not have a driver’s license or family in the area, so she had to pay for a taxi anytime she needed to go to her attorney’s office. She was worried that too many trips to the attorney’s office and doctor’s office would cut into her retirement plan even more and make her unable to survive on the money she had left. She wondered if seeking a settlement for her injuries was even worth it. If she tried to sue and failed to get a settlement, she would not have enough money to survive. If she did not attempt to get a settlement, she would have to count every penny because of an accident that was not her fault.

Pegasus Legal Capital is a great option for individuals in Maria’s position. A non-recourse cash advance will give Maria the money to get to and from appointments with her doctor and attorney. It will also give her money for medical bills and day-to-day expenses. Further, Maria will not have to worry that she is wasting her resources for something that will get her nothing. If Maria does not get a settlement, she will get to keep the money from Pegasus Legal Capital and will not owe Pegasus Legal Capital anything. If she wins a settlement, she will get the money she deserves for the injury she suffered. Either way, Maria will be better off with a non-recourse cash advance from Pegasus Legal Capital.

Better Future

Ava was a single mom who had to work long hours in a factory to provide for her and her daughter. Ava decided to start taking classes at night because she knew she would be able to provide a better life for her daughter if she had a college education. After completing her third year of college, she was injured leaving the factory where she worked. The doctor told her she would not be able to go back to the factory based on the severity of the injury and the nature of the work she was doing. She quickly realized she would not be able to afford to pay for her classes while she was out of work. She told a friend that she was going to have to put off graduating. The friend told Ava she had heard of a thing called “pre-settlement funding” that Ava should look into.

Ava was skeptical, but she called Pegasus Legal Capital to find out more about pre-settlement funding. Pegasus Legal Capital told Ava she qualified for pre-settlement funding based on the injury she suffered. In fact, Ava qualified for enough money to stay in school and still be able to pay her bills and expenses. Pegasus Legal Capital explained to Ava that she would not have to pay anything back on the advance until she received her settlement. Further, she would not have to pay anything back if she did not get a settlement.

Ava was still skeptical because pre-settlement funding from Pegasus Legal Capital sounded too good to be true. However, after some research, Ava discovered that Pegasus Legal Capital was a member of the American Legal Finance Association. Ava learned that ALFA required all its members to maintain high ethical standards and fair business practices. Ava ended up accepting pre-settlement funds from Pegasus Legal Capital.

A year later, Ava is glad she called Pegasus Legal Capital. She was able to graduate on time, and she found a job she loved after graduation. She no longer has to work in a factory she hates or worry that she is not going to be able to provide for her daughter.

Starting Over

Starting over is difficult, but a personal injury can make it even more challenging. Andre had a difficult family life and moved out of the state when he turned eighteen. He found a place to live and started working at a local restaurant. After a couple months, Andre developed a minor cold and went to see a doctor. The doctor did a rushed evaluation and prescribed Andre with medication to make the cold go away faster. A couple days later, Andre was experiencing extreme nausea and having difficulties breathing. A co-worker drove Andre to the emergency room. After an evaluation, it was discovered that the doctor had prescribed the wrong medication to Andre. Andre had to spend several weeks in the hospital and ended up having surgery because of the doctor’s negligence.

Andre did not have money saved up for emergencies. In fact, he was barely getting by before the hospital stay. He could not afford to pay for medical, rental, and living expenses while missing work. He did not qualify for a loan, and he did not have any family that could give him money. He was running out of options.

He called Pegasus Legal Capital, and the company got Andre money that day. Andre was able to recover from his injuries and get a fair settlement because of the money he received from Pegasus Legal Capital.


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