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Pre-Settlement Funds

It’s not a loan. Pegasus Legal Capital distributes what are called pre-settlement advances. These allow you to take care of yourself and your family after the accident for which you are suing. If you lose the case, you keep our money!

Things to Remember When Applying for Lawsuit Loans from Legal Funding Companies

Conducting research before finally deciding to accept an offer from a lawsuit loan company is essential for victims or plaintiffs. It is also important that before victims accept a lawsuit loan offer from another company, they should be presented with a clear outline of the interest rates and how the charges are being calculated.

First and foremost, what Pegasus Legal Capital, LLC offers is not a loan. We offer what is called a non-recourse cash advance. We are not providing a lawsuit loan, but rather, we are investing in a portion of your expected settlement. Rates differ from one company to another. The rates we offer here at Pegasus Legal Capital are guaranteed to be the lowest in the industry.

Additional Considerations for Victims

There are also other legal funding companies that can only provide a limited lawsuit loan. These companies have no ability to support the right amount of funds the victim needs. Pegasus Legal Capital has been in the industry for over a decade, and we have established not just our reputation, but also enough resources to be able to provide the victims with funds based on their actual needs. We can support lawsuit loan applications from $500.00 up to $6,000,000. Even if the victim does not need a substantial amount, it is still advisable to transact with a well-funded company. This can help, especially if the victim needs additional funds during emergency cases

Reasons Why You Need to Choose Us

Applying for a lawsuit loan here at Pegasus Legal Capital is risk free. We will discuss everything you need to know—from the charges, how we come up with the use fees, and more. This means we protect you and your rights. We also do this so that you can compare how our services are more efficient compared to other legal funding companies. You can even compare our written contracts to other companies that have been claiming that they offer the lowest rates and see the difference.

Conduct your own research, and when you’re ready, we at Pegasus Legal Capital would be glad to discuss things with you.

Why Choosing Us Would Be Your Best Move

Simple, Pegasus Legal Capital has been serving victims and plaintiffs for 15 successful years. We have helped thousands of personal injury victims obtain the settlement they truly deserve by providing them with a non-recourse cash advance

The process for applying for legal funding with Pegasus Legal Capital is also fast and easy. After you submit your application, we will evaluate your case and request relevant documentation from your attorney.  Our typical review time ranges from 2-4 hours.  Once approved, a funding contract will be sent to you within minutes and upon execution cash or funds will be available instantly.


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