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Personal Injury Lawsuit Loan

Pegasus makes legal financing easy. We provide money faster than our competitors. We understand that obtaining your personal injury settlement can take time. Further, we understand that sometimes personal injury plaintiffs cannot afford to wait as long as it takes to receive a settlement. Personal injury plaintiffs still have to pay for their living expenses while they are waiting for their personal injury settlement. It is often just not possible to wait the months or years necessary to obtain a settlement. PLF helps personal injury plaintiffs solve this dilemma. Mylawfunds.com can provide financing for personal injury lawsuits in just a few hours. Further, Pegasus can have the money wired the same day!

We are focused on the needs of our clients, your welfare is our utmost concern. We understand that lawsuits can be unpredictable. That is why the “lawsuit loans” we offer are not really loans at all. Instead, the financing we provide is a non-recourse cash advance. This means that you only have to pay back the money we advance if you win your lawsuit. Personal injury plaintiffs have enough to worry about without having to worry about trying to pay back money advanced on a settlement that they for one reason or the other were not able to get. If you get the settlement, you pay back the non-recourse cash advance. If you do not get a settlement, you keep the money PLF advanced you and go on with your life.

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC will get you the money you need as fast as possible. Further, we will provide you will friendly and courteous service. We understand how difficult life can be after a personal injury and we do everything we can to make your life easier. We do not waste your time with credit checks or employment verification. We do not require any up-front fees or monthly payments. We ask only for some brief information about your injury and your lawsuit. After that, we will contact your attorney to obtain the information we need to process your application, so you do not have to worry about being the go-between. Further, Mylawfunds can even provide non-recourse cash advances to personal injury plaintiffs who have already received lawsuit funding from another lawsuit funding company. We can refinance the previous advances provided to personal injury plaintiffs and save them hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Pegasus Legal Funding finances all types of personal injury lawsuits including, but not limited to slip and falls; automobile, train, boat and airplane accidents; malpractice claims; wrongful death claims; premise liability claims; and other negligence claims.

If you need or are just interested in a non-recourse cash advance from us, give us a call today. We can provide you with additional information and answer any questions you have. If you decide a non-recourse cash advance from Pegasus Legal Funding is what you need, one of our friendly consultants will walk you through the simple process and ensure you get your money as soon as possible! Complete the online application or call us at 855-FUNDYOU for a risk-free, no-obligation consultation today!!!

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Alexander Khanas is a Principal and co-founder of Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC. Alexander possesses a background in financial expertise, which he brings to Pegasus, and oversees the daily operations of the organization.

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