GM Trying to File Bankruptcy to Shield from Lawsuits

GM Crashes have caused Significant Tragedies

GM vehicles have been recalled by the thousand due to faulty starters and other mechanical problems. These recalls are particularly late in coming since there were dozens of fatal or otherwise severe accidents before the company would admit to any wrongdoing. Because so many are trying to piece together what caused their accident, many are resorting to pre-settlement funding to try to get some answers. This is making the process of getting justice work that much slower than it should.

GM is trying to Dodge Responsibility

Rather than paying settlements to the hundreds of people who have been injured in car accidents from their faulty vehicles, GM is looking to file bankruptcy which would prevent them from having to pay. They have already refused to take responsibility for the knowledge that the starters were faulty which resulted in these grave injuries which make this move that much more offensive to the public. Before they can get away with this move, people are encouraged to get a lawsuit cash advance and demand retribution for the injuries they suffered as a result of GM’s negligence.

Car Accident Bills are Expensive

When you get into a car accident it can cost thousands to even begin to address the damage. In addition to the medical bills you will need to deal with replacing your vehicle and the time out of work that you need to manage these goings-on. It can seem impossible to deal with all of these responsibilities and a lawsuit on top of it. Litigation funding will make it easier for you to get the financing you need to take care of all of your responsibilities without falling behind with the additional responsibilities that have fallen into your lap.

h2. Getting Involved in a Class Action Lawsuit

If you suddenly discover you are a part of a class action lawsuit against GM you will need to act quickly to manage all of the responsibilities you have on your plate. If you have been struggling to pay the bills joining a class action lawsuit could make you eligible for litigation financing that can help you get back ahead. This can help erase some of the burden that has been placed on you unfairly because a corporation did not live up to their responsibilities. A lawsuit could be the only way for people to get justice for this wrongdoing.

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