The Importance of Lawsuit Presettlement Surgery Funding

I. The dilemma of health insurance coverage lapses and not qualified for Medicaid

Those who are adversely affected from a personal injury as result of another’s negligence can find relief from Pegasus. Accidents occur on regular basis, someone texting while they drive, a retail store with a careless employee, a property owner or management company who does perform regular maintenance. All of the above and then some. Those injured are called plaintiffs and those who cause injuries are referred to as defendants. And unfortunate as it is, the defendants insurance companies rarely just offer settlements until many months and even years after the incident. So what happens when you are injured and cannot work, then fall behind on your health insurance, but then months after the accident are faced with the fact that you need medical treatment, possibly a surgery to help mend your health? The defendant’s insurance company will not pony up the costs for the surgery, and you find yourself in health treatment limbo. Your health insurance has lapsed, but it has not been enough time for your eligibility for Medicaid.

II. Relief and treatment from a Pegasus Lawsuit Loan

This is where Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can offer assistance with a surgery funding. It works quote the same way as lawsuit loan funding, the specifics of your accident are provided to Pegasus, along with the surgical recommendation and estimate. And just like a pre-settlement loan application, an attorney in our underwriting department will evaluate the merits of your case; the liability, the damages, and the source of recovery. Liability is the indecent /police report or the investigative report that clearly establishes the defendant was at fault. Damages are the substantiation that your injuries are result of the accident . Finally, the last is to show that the defendant has sufficient insurance coverage so that the settlement will cover more than the costs of the surgery.

III. The unexpected gain from Surgery Funding

Another benefit of a Pegasus Surgical funding is that it not only help the victim receive medical treatment needed, it also significantly strengthens the plaintiffs case and in most cases results in significantly larger settlement award. This is result of the surgery being factored in as result of the defendant’s negligence. It’s win-win for you and your attorney. Larger settlement will help the client be made whole and larger fee for the plaintiff’s attorney. And in addition to a surgery funding, the plaintiff could be eligible for a lawsuit loan as well to help get through the recovery period. It’s always nice to have spare cash, especially when you have no income. Another obvious benefit it that delayed treatment can lead to medical complications, and if the defendant’s insurance is capped, that could lead to out of pocket expenses for the plaintiff.

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