Immigration and Victimization

Immigration Can take A Lot of Time

Even under the best circumstances it takes a long time to settle an immigration case. This can leave you worried about seeking employment, taking care of your family or what will happen if your case is denied. This is unfair and excessively hard on people who are trying to make their way into the country through the legal channels. If you are trying to manage an immigration case money can be tight, but lawsuit funding can help you manage your case effectively so you don’t lose out on potential benefits. And if you find yourself the victim of a car accident , slip and fall, or even workplace discrimination, you might be hesitant seeking out justice. And then you will no doubt fall under even more financial hardship

You Deserve a Timely Decision

There are time limits on immigration cases and if the immigration board did not issue a decision on your application in a timely manner then you are entitled to sue for an adjustment of your green card status. You can use a lawsuit cash advance to get the cash you need to go after the USCIS if the published processing time does not match what you were put through when you were trying to get your citizenship. The sooner you take action the easier it will be for you to get the help you need to process your case. But even under the best circumstance this process can take years. Then even when you a job to take care of your family, pay your bills and have proper car insurance… The unfortunate happens, you are injured on the job, you are hurt in a car crash… leaving you without your job, your transportation and possibly your health.

The Green Card Process is Expensive

In addition to getting an employment sponsor for your visa you will need to pay a lot of fees just to get your immigration paperwork processed. If you are trying to deal with legal fees on top of all of this it can be nearly impossible to keep up with all the bills. Then if you or a loved one was hurt by someone else’s fault, you can and should get legal representation to be reimbursed your damages. And while you are waiting on your case to settle a Pegasus Legal Funding can help you in your time of need. If you are worried about losing your opportunity to get a green card because the USCIS was not forthcoming with your paperwork you can use a lawsuit cash advance to get the money you need to put up a fight.

Don’t Lose Your Sponsorship

If you are worried about keeping your employment sponsor because you are spending so much time and money keeping your lawyer employed you can use a lawsuit settlement loan to help even out the bills. And you should know the difference between a lawsuit loan and lawsuit funding, unlike lawsuit loans, legal funding is non recourse. Which means that if you lose your case with a legal funding you are required to repay the cash back. Then you can prove that you have the finances to put up a fight against immigration services and you are taking strong legal action to get your case approved then your employer is much more likely to stick by you. If you are eligible to sue the USCIS then you should take advantage of this opportunity and get your immigration application processed properly.

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