Availing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Funding from a Direct Funder Part 1

A personal injury lawsuit funding is not only for injuries from a careless or negligent act . It is also for deliberate acts such as assault and battery. As a victim, you have the option to file a lawsuit against the person who intentionally caused you serious physical injuries. You can file felony or misdemeanor charges to the person who caused you the injuries. You can also file a lawsuit for a fair compensation for the injuries you sustained. Compensation for damages may also be included if you can prove that your offender acted with malice and has the intention to harm you.

While you wait for your pending personal injury lawsuit, you can seek help from legal funding companies. They provide the right legal financial solutions in order for you to fund your pending personal injury lawsuit. Legal funding helps you finance not only your legal battle, but also your daily expenses.

What is the Difference?

Personal Injury Loans and Accident Loans can come together or separately. However, it is crucial to know that these two are separate offenses. Assault is defined as any type of threat or intentional act to cause an injury or harm to another person. This type of threat can cause the victim a certain amount of panic. As a result, the victim has reasons to fear for his or her safety. There is a possibility of carrying out the threat if preventive measures are not performed. A person can sue for assault even if no actual contact happened and even there are no actual harm inflicted. Even if a person is hurt by being run off the road from a careless driver, you can still file an suit against him or her.

Accidents happen and can cause harm to another person as well as the actual act or contact. The person you are suing actually struck you and caused you harm or injury. This situation involves a person who is careless or under the influence and actually performs any actions that caused you damage or injuries.

Various Conditions of Injuries

There some conditions where your offender may be sued for personal injury charges. These conditions include the following:

• Direct and Immediate. The offender directly caused your injury. A perfect example is when someone rear-ends a victim from behind.

• Indirect and Immediate. The offender did not make any direct contacts. However, he or she was the source of the victim’s injury. I.E. the person forces another vehicle to hit your car as result of illegal activities

• Indirect and Remote. In this situation, the offender set a trap that caused the victim his or her injury later.

If you are a victim of these acts, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against your offender.

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