Surgery Funding and How Pegasus Can Help You and Your Client

You should call now 855-386-3968 If your client requires surgery and does not have sufficient health insurance. It is an unfortunate set of circumstances; your client is injured as result of another parties negligence. It could be a motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall, or a premise neglect injury. Your client injured and convalescing, out of work when during his initial medical treatment is told they require corrective surgery. But you client could not afford insurance but at the same time does not qualify for Medicaid. Your case is thrown into further jeopardy when the defendants insurance company refuses to accept responsibility. Pegasus is a direct funder so your client’s privacy is safe guarded, the process is streamlined and there aren’t any broker commissions or 3rd party finder fees.

It is a long and slow road navigating the legal system

As an attorney, you understand the complexities when dealing with defendants insurance companies. The injured party wants to know how long it will take, when those in the legal profession know that the process can take years to resolve. These delays are how the settlement loans business evolved. To help those adversely affected to be funded a small amount of their expected settlement award for the necessities of life. But when there is a serious injury, and in certain cases lack of surgery will result in paralysis and in rare instances even death. Hope is not lost, when the circumstances support, Pegasus can provide your client a lawsuit loan for them to get the medical treatment they desperately need. The process requires due diligence, but as long as there is liability, damages and a source of recovery, all that is needed is documented medical need for the procedure. Pegasus will assist in locating a Doctor or surgeon, but your client is free to use their own if they like.

The Pegasus Funding surgical loan program is a win-win for both you and your client

This allows you and your client from accepting an unfair insufficient settlement award , while providing you time and the patience while the defendant’s insurance company delays the final outcome of your legal action. Your client obtains the surgery they need and you now can obtain the true value of the case. The funds provided for the much needed surgery will be re-paid upon settling your case, after your case value reaches its maximum potential. If your case is unsuccessful for some reason you’re client NOT obliged to pay us anything back whatsoever.

Pegasus Legal Funding provides a wide range of surgical procedure loans

Major complex surgical procedures such as Brain/Neurological, Cervical and Lumbar fusions and discectomy/microdiscectomy/laminectomies. Shoulder, knee and ankle reconstructions. Internal procedure. Minor Procedures such as epidural and pain injections, fractures and other outpatient services. In addition we can provide your client with day to day living expenses while they recover. The lawsuit loan can be used for the travel expenses to help you with hotel stay in the city where your surgery or procedure will be performed.

If you or your client feel that a Pegasus Legal Funding surgical loan can help, please do not hesitate to complete the online application or call. We are here to help you and your client level the playing field with their deep pocketed insurance companies. Unique Medical/Surgical Funding: If your client’s no-fault benefits or insurance coverage has been denied and/or exhausted and he/she is in need of medical treatment Pegasus can help. We work with the best surgeons, doctors and hospitals and can negotiate the lowest rates possible for your client’s treatment. If your client’s treating physician recommends surgery, please contact us now. Call us today so we can start the process.

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