How Helpful Lawsuit Funding is During a Jones Act Case

Eye injury, injury from falls, hand and foot injury, head injury and injuries from deck operations are just a few of the most common type of injuries a seaman or seafarer can incur if an accident occurs at the ship he or she is working. The rights of the seafarer are protected with the help of the Jones Act law . That is why it is really important that seafarers are educated enough about their rights because these accidents at ships are not predictable. Some of these injuries are also major injuries that could be a long-term burden to the victim.

When to File for a Lawsuit

Not all ship owners are honest when it comes to providing the right amount of benefits to their employees; most especially during cases like these occur. They tend to provide you a lot of excuses such as providing you the benefits if, and only if the company doctor will provide the medical abstract. These shipping companies have enough money to delay more the whole process, which is not beneficial in on the seaman’s part.
Whether the injury is a minor or major one, but was a result of the negligence of your employer, you are qualified to file for a claim.

Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit funding companies provide a wide variety of legal loans to help victims, especially seafarers who are victims of negligence from their employer. The money you will get from the legal loan can help in sustaining all the medical treatment expenses you will have to pay just to have a fast recovery.

The money you will get from the lawsuit funding can also help in paying other legal expenses. Legal expenses such as attorney’s fee can be paid with the help of the money you will get from the loan. You can also use the money from the loan to sustain the day-to-day expenses of you and your family. Since you are injured, you can’t be able to work for them. That is why this type of loan is considered a financial support for many people.
Last but not the least, these loans can only be paid if you have successfully won your battle against the shipping company or your maritime lawyers. If for example, you were not successful in winning your claim, you need not worry because you are not required to repay the loan.

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