When You Can’t Wait For The Settlement?

Lawsuits can be prolonged

Plaintiffs usually have one problem – finances. This problem could be easily be resolved – the time needed for cases to be settled needs to be minimized. But, this is usually not the case, and the lawsuits can take many years before they settle. And, you’d agree, that this is not something everyone can afford. It will simply drain you financially. Insurance companies have their ways to delay the final decision in a legal process, but victims usually don’t. This is why victims usually tend to accept even unfavorable settlements . They just simply don’t have enough money to pay high bills, food, medical expenses etc.

Lawsuit funding programs are there to help you maintain your financial health while you’re waiting for your case to settle. The only condition here is that a plaintiff has hired an attorney – if this is the case, then he can take his advance.

There are zero fees and monthly payments in advance.

Lawsuit funding company is actually an investor – these companies are investing in your case. Your loan (and the amount of money received) depends on the most likely award settlement. When the case settles, the funding company can reclaim invested amount (plus fees and very low interest). In other words, lawsuit funding company is providing you with non-recourse advance cash. This mean you are not obligated to pay a cent if you don’t win you case (nor you have any other obligations towards lawsuit funding company).

Financial problems can make you accept unfavorable compensations offered by other party. Don’t be tempted to do this – instead you can take lawsuit loan and solve any financial problems you may have while waiting for your settlement to be paid. If otherwise happens, and you don’t win the case, just remember that you’re not obligated to pay anything or to repay the cash you received.

The challenges of life while waiting for the outcome of your case

Lawsuit funding companies tend to deny cases if they estimate that they won’t be repaid for their invested. This is not a case with us. We believe that you case is strong enough.

But, generally, we have some types of cases we don’t fund, like wrongful death, medical malpractice and personal injuries. Also, worker’s compensation cases can be founded on a limited basis.

Pegasus Funding can help

If you’re unable to return to your work it is obvious that you’d suffer financial problems while waiting for a settlement. This is why we try to help you as many as we can. Providing you with cash is definitely not our only service. We have priorities, and our clients are our top one priority. We will always try to do our best to help you with your case, without thinking about our possible profit. Even if your case doesn’t qualify for a lawsuit funding, we can give you some advices in directions to help you with your case. We offer free client services , where you can find assistance and financing options. It can also help you save money and give you plenty budgeting tips. You can visit our website at any time, or you can call us at 1-855-386-3968 / 855- FUNDYOU.

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