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Pegasus Funding is more than a business; it is a noble gesture for us to be able to help people in need. We understand that situations occur that are out of our client’s control. We are glad to be able to assist others through these unforeseen circumstances by providing services they need at a time they need. Fill in the application form located on the right, and get the non-recourse financing aid from us. It is simple to complete the form from the comfort of your home. Let us help you get back to a good place.

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The typical process commences with the application, from there we shall immediately contact your attorney and your attorney will send us the the documents needed in the form of a formal requisition for non-recourse financing on your behalf. We review your case details and determine the probability of your case successfully litigating. Approval is done only within about 2 days for the non-recourse financing. You will have to sign the funding contract along with the attorney to have accepted to the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. It is a clear cut emphasis made to ensure that you will do the repayment only after getting the settlement from the courts. Since it is a non-recourse

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One of the largest benefits to plaintiffs is the non-repayment if the case is not successfully concluded. Absolutely no risks are involved when you are availing money in the form of non-recourse financing from us. We have a lot of risks on our end that we can handle with agility as we have tremendous amount of experience in the business. The only major thing where we focus upon is the clear cut identification of the cases that can win. We are able to do it in the best manner and it is why we are able to offer you the non-recourse financing aid assurance. On top of that the interest’s rates are pretty competitive too. It is why thousands of applicants flurry in to get assistance from us regularly.

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Please feel free to call us anytime or write to our customer support staff: 855-FUNDYOU / 855-386-3968

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