Personal Injury Victims Managed to Decline Low Settlement Offers

A litigation process is indeed a lengthy one , and all personal injury victims are aware of this dilemma. Because of the legal and medical expenses, pending foreclosure issues about their properties and unpaid utility and credit card bills, victims are tempted to accept low settlement offers just to get out of the situation and have the money. With the help of lawsuit funding, victims will no longer have to accept low settlement offers from their defendants.

An Example of a Slip and Fall Incident

George P was involved in a slip and fall incident at a grocery store. The injuries he obtained from the accident, according to him, are the reasons why he can’t send himself to work. He has kids. He needs to provide for his kids and having no job would mean it would be hard for him. He can’t even afford to pay the medical bills to make his recovery a speedy one. He was then also willing and ready to accept an offer from the insurance company until he heard about lawsuit funding and got interested about it. “My lawyer personally suggested Pegasus Legal Funding to be the solution of all my financial issues. I called them and was approved with an advance of $2,500 . It made the whole process easier for me to handle. I didn’t give any more attention to low settlement offers offered to me”, George said

How Lawsuit Cash Advance Works

Because of George’s open-mindedness about lawsuit cash advance, he was able to avoid the foreclosure of his property. Aside from that, he was also able to wait patiently on how the case will turn out and successfully, he was awarded with $750,000 compensation from the personal injury lawsuit he filed. If George was unable to win the claim, he still has no need to worry because he will not pay the cash advance he got from Pegasus Legal Funding. That is how legal funding works; you will only pay if you will win the settlement.

Talk to Us Now

If you are a personal injury victim and is financially unstable, consider lawsuit funding while waiting for your settlement. Right after we receive your application, we will immediately evaluate your case and if it you are eligible for a cash advance, we can release the money you need in just 24-48 hours. Credit check, employment and monthly payments will not be required when applying with us. Call us now and see the difference on how we can be able to convince you not to settle on a lower settlement offer.

A Sample Case of Auto Accident Compensation

Usually, when accidents occur because of the negligence of others, a victim that got injured may immediately seek for compensation. While the litigation process is still ongoing, these plaintiffs suffer not just physical, but also financial pain because of the medical, legal and other outstanding bills. To be able to survive the entire process, the victim should afford all the expenses. To make the process easy to handle and manage at the same time, some victims would choose to apply for a lawsuit advance to secure more funds that will help them not to settle with early settlement with a very low amount.

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