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If you applied for a loan to fund your lawsuit and was denied, now is the perfect time to call Pegasus Legal Funding. We can get you legal financing that you need without the added hassle and the long wait. We provide legal funding solutions to those who are experiencing financial difficulty from injuries due to others’ negligence.

You do not deserve to settle for less. Insurance companies normally offer smaller compensation because they know your financial needs. Pegasus Funding will provide you with the financial assistance you need in order to fight for a higher settlement that you deserve and need. Call us at our toll free hotline at 1-855-FUNDYOU (855-386-3968).

Your Number One Source for Legal Financing

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC is situated in the heart of New York’s Financial District. We are located at 14 Wall Street, across from the New York Stock Exchange. We are a reputable company that has a combined legal and financing knowledge and experience. Our lawsuit advance solutions are able to fund a wide variety of cases in a small amount of time.

Our “same day” legal funding service enables us to provide fast turnaround loan processing. Our application process is one of the fastest in the industry. We specialize in providing legal financing to litigants who want to be free from their growing financial burden. Our legal finance system is fast, reliable and efficient. If there are instances when we cannot process your loan application on the same day, we guarantee that we will finish it within 48 hours.

How Does Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding Work?

Pegasus Legal Funding’s lending decision is dependent on the strength of your case. We will determine if your case has the possibility of winning. You are not required to pay anything beforehand. We will only collect what you owe us if you win or settle. You do not have to make any monthly payments as long as your case is pending or ongoing. If you lose, you have no obligation to pay us back. However, we will provide you with professional funding advice before we grant your lawsuit cash advance. This is an added service in order to help you manage your money effectively.

Once you win, you are required to pay us with the money from your settlement. We use the simple flat fee approach in calculating the total amount you owe us. In addition, we are one of the few legal financing companies that have control over the rates.

We provide a rebate program for early settlements. However, lengthy court cases may cost more since the cost of financial assistance for a long lawsuit is greater. Therefore, your loan is lesser if your case finishes sooner.

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