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A New York man has finally had the justice he deserved after spending 16 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Jabbar Collins was awarded $10 million after being imprisoned for 16 years for the murder of an Orthodox rabbi named Abraham Pollack.

Collins was 21 when he was sentenced to prison in March 1995. He was served his sentence because of the testimonies of the witnesses, who saw him leaving the crime scene. In 2010, Collins was exonerated.

Payment for the Wasted 16 Years

Collins studied law while he was in prison. He learned that one of the witnesses has retracted his testimony before his trial. However, Collins’ lawyer was not informed. It turned out that there are several inconsistencies in his case. This prompted him to file a lawsuit against the City of New York. In order to avoid a trial, Collins and the city agreed to a settlement amounting to $10 million.

You Cannot Bring Back the Lost Years

Spending a long time in prison is very difficult. However, spending 16 years in prison for a crime you did not commit is even worse. Jabbar Collins cannot bring back the years he wasted in prison, which is why he deserves to be given a substantial amount to compensate him.

However, his legal battle against those who wrongfully convicted him was not an easy one. He needed all the financial assistance he can get from litigation funding companies in order to continue his legal battle. Settlement loans enabled him to pay for his legal fees as well as his daily expenses. Companies like Pegasus Legal Funding LLC can help you to fight your court battles from start to finish.

A Litigation Funding Company that Can Help You

Most court cases can last for months or even a few years. They can be costly and time consuming because of its long duration. This can affect a litigant’s life as well as his finances. The litigant cannot work on a regular basis because of court hearings. As a result, he or she cannot earn the money to fund the ongoing case. Most litigants result to seeking the help of companies that provides legal financial assistance.

Pegasus Legal Funding LLC is a company that provides various lawsuit funding solutions that will aid you in your ongoing lawsuits. We offer fast and reliable solutions that can help you in financing your court cases. Our experienced staff is equipped with the knowledge to give you the best kind of assistance that is suitable for you.

We aim to provide you with settlement loans that you can use to pay for your lawyer’s professional fees as well as case related expenses. You can also use it for your everyday expenses. You do not have to worry about paying your loan back immediately. If ever you lose your lawsuit, you do not have to pay the loan back. You can now sit and relax while you wait for the final court decision.

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