How Much Does Legal Funding Cost?

Legal funding companies take a great risk by providing non-recourse cash advances to personal injury plaintiffs. If the plaintiff does not get a settlement, the legal funding company loses the money it invested in the plaintiff’s case. Thus, legal funding rates are typically higher than the interest rates that banks and other traditional lender charge. However, Pegasus Legal Funding provides the lowest rates in the legal funding industry.

The cost of legal funding varies depending on the strength of the case. Strong cases will typically be approved for better rates; whereas, cases that involve more risk will have higher rates.

The cost of legal funding also varies depending on the amount of time it takes for the case to settle. The quicker the case settles, the less the plaintiff has to pay for the legal funding.

You may be wondering how Pegasus Legal Funding can claim to provide the lowest rates in the legal funding industry when the rates vary on a case by case basis. Pegasus Legal Funding can make this guarantee because Pegasus Legal Funding will beat any written offer you get from another legal funding company that approves you for the same amount of funding that we approve you for. If Pegasus Legal Funding can’t beat that deal, we will pay you $100.

Pegasus Legal Funding will evaluate your case for free. Contact us today and we can provide you with a written contract that clearly lists our rates for your case.

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