GM Recall, Car Accidents and Lawsuit Funding

Dealing with an Auto Accident is Difficult

An auto accidents can leave you in a very difficult financial situation. Between dealing with the expense of replacing your vehicle as well as the legal expenses that will arise during this time, you may find yourself in need of legal cash that you can use to stay ahead of your financial responsibilities. There are a variety of companies that offer lawsuit loans for those trying to juggle legal costs on top of their regular financial responsibilities. Pegasus does not offer a lawsuit loan, but rather our legal fundings are non-recourse. That means unlike a lawsuit loan, if you do not win your case you are not obligated to repay money sent to you.

Dealing with Legal Costs

If you are managing a lawsuit you may be worried about how much money you will lose if your case is not successful. Companies that offer lawsuit funding have taken this into account. In most cases you will only need to pay back your loan if your case is successful. This way you can use your settlement to pay back your loan instead of worrying about where you will find the money if you did not get the compensation you were hoping for.

Helping Victims Across the Country

There is no area of the country where people are immune from getting into an auto accident . Whether you drive a car, motorcycle or take public transportation there are circumstances which could result in you getting injured while trying to get up and get where you need to go. Because there is such a widespread need for legal counsel for automobile accidents, there are companies that offer lawsuit finance available across the United States as well. Do not worry that you will not be able to get the financial help you need simply because you do not live in a popular location.

Get Help Quickly

If you need a lawsuit cash advance it is probably because expenses have begun to pile up and you are worried about not having any cash on hand. In order to address this need, companies that offer these loans work to get the money in your hand as quickly as possible. If approved you could be given your loan in as little as 24 hours.

Easy Application

You are dealing with a lot of other responsibilities, so the application process is short and easy. There is no credit check and no worry about approval. As long as your case has been filed with the court you are eligible to receive a lawsuit funding that you can use to pay off your expenses.

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