General Negligence Claims for Injuries Against the City

Your City should Keep You Safe

You pay taxes so that the city will take care of things that come up which could cause injury or worse. If your city is taking your tax dollars but not getting anything done it can be frustrating , but it can also be serious. You don’t want to have to wonder if your drive to work or walk down the street is going to end poorly because the city is not taking care of things. If you have been hurt because your local government is not on the ball, then you should look into whether or not pre-settlement funding will help you put them in their place.

Things get Handled Too Slowly

Does your city government know about problems but never get around to doing anything about it? If there is a huge public record that shows people have been trying to get a problem in your city handled, but they did not respond then you need to stand up for yourself. You need to hold the city accountable for their actions and you can use a lawsuit cash advance to cover your bills so you can focus your attention on getting justice.

Don’t Let them Talk You into a Lower Settlement

Cities will often offer a settlement to their employees as a way of making peace, but these settlements are often so low they are insulting. It is not actually about offering you something to compensate for your injuries, it’s about saving them money and publicity by getting you to stay quiet. If your lawyer thinks that you could easily get more than the city is offering for your case then you should bring this public. Use an accident lawsuit cash advance to get the funds you need to keep your case up and running. And remember unlike a lawsuit loan a legal funding is risk free, if you lose there are no repayments expected.

It isn’t just about making sure you get justice for the injury you received; it’s about changing the way the city does things so that incidents like this do not happen again. If you get a lawsuit settlement loan you can use this to keep your case going to the very end instead of having to back out and take a settlement because you can no longer afford to keep your end of the fight going. This will get your case more press so that others will be protected from future negligence that could cause injuries or danger.

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