Fixing the System

The legal system was created to provide justice and fairness to every member of society. Unfortunately, the system does not always completely accomplish this.

Some members of society have easier access to the legal system than others. Although anyone can theoretically bring a lawsuit to remedy a wrong done against them, people of a lower social class typically have more difficulty bringing a lawsuit. First, they may not be educated enough to know how to bring a lawsuit. However, attorneys can typically remedy that problem.

Second, people with lower incomes often either do not have the money to bring a lawsuit or assume they cannot afford to bring a lawsuit. After all, there are a lot of expenses that go into bringing a lawsuit. There are court costs, attorney fees, and fees for experts. Further, there are costs associated with getting to and from court and meetings with attorneys. These range from the cost of leaving work to the cost of gas to get to the appointments.

Fortunately, Pegasus Legal Funding provides legal funding to prevent poor individuals from being cut off by the legal system. Pegasus Legal Funding provides non-recourse lawsuit cash advances to personal injury victims who have a personal injury lawsuit pending. This gives personal injury victims the money to pay the expenses associated with their lawsuit. Further, the personal injury victims do not have to worry about paying back the legal funding until after they have received their settlement.

Everyone deserves access to the justice and fairness the legal system was created to provide. Pegasus Legal Funding helps ensure everyone gets this justice and fairness.

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Tiffany Sherrill is a paralegal at Pegasus Legal Funding, LLC. Recently Tiffany was the assistant to the General
Counsel at PLF with a focus on contract and financial aspects of Litigation Funding. Tiffany is also continuing
here education pursuing a Juris Doctor degree.

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