Consumer Legal Funding Policy Dispute

Introductory words about Consumer Legal Funding Dispute

Generally, any kind of transaction in which an appeal in a lawsuit is applied as a method of obtaining financing is called legal funding. There are used various modes of legal funding trades, with the important difference between these types being constituted by the party, which assigns or sells the awareness in the lawsuit. Three different kinds of parties can be found that are most common:

– Plaintiffs, who refer to consumers
– Litigants, who refer to companies or business persons
– Contingency attorneys

In the present, a debate is held regarding the method that should be used in order to protect consumers who wish to benefit from the legal funding, in order to be helped to take their decisions according to information. In some types of consumer investment, as for example applying for mortgages or credit cards, certain legal protection is awarded to the consumer, as it is assumed that the consumer is less experienced than the others involved, such as in this case would be the mortgage company, for example. In some cases, such protections are given as mandatory disclosure declarations, for example, or as limitations on advertising, but there are other times when they are more tedious.

Despite the fact that many people consider that protection should be given to those consumers who are looking for legal funding, a controversial debate appears in the moment when it comes to deciding the style in which consumers should be given protection. As an example, for almost all the consumer legal funding contract, there is an attorney who analyses the contract and signs it prior to the completion of the transaction. However, this does not work the same for other consumer funding styles. The question that arises is whether such protection is enough or the costs of extra procedures make the benefits unworthy. In this Guide, the purpose is to advice the reader about the multiple aspects that this question has, hoping that this would eventually help achieve the correct balance of endowing and defending consumers, in order to help them take complete benefits of the lawsuits they have.

The Position of LFC360

LFC360 considers that although the consumer legal financing might be imperfect, it is still a strong instrument in the battles held between plaintiffs who have suffered injuries of any kind, and corporate offenders, who are strongly motivated to pay out the minimum achievable. Legal funding encouraged many plaintiffs to maintain their patience rather than hurry for quick and low agreements, thus helping them to obtain better completion rewards at the finish line.
We consider that legal financing would be great to be an option available for most of the consumers who should take advantage of it, yet we are also aware that it is not appropriate for anyone. Consumers are in need of specific protections in order to get an understanding of the trades they start and they need to make their decisions based on information. We consider that achieving balance is a possible goal, yet it is not one that can be easily obtained. This is mainly true as there are parties who are influential and benefit of good finances and they try to control the dispute. We wish that a presentation of the dispute from any possible side would provide with information of the dialogue, so that it would help achieve the desired balance.

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