Coca-Cola False Advertising Suit, What Class Action Can Mean To You

Pomegranate Juice Isn’t what Coca Cola Claims

There is plenty of evidence that pomegranate juice is good for you, but very little evidence that drinking this juice is actually going to cure diseases or make a drastic improvement in your overall health. In fact, most evidence suggests that drinking a lot of sugary juice of any flavor is just bad for you. Coca Cola and other companies have been selling pomegranate juice with the claims that their products could do this and a lot more. If you wasted your money on these products then you could be entitled to get lawsuit cash and get involved with a settlement case.

POM vs. Minute Maid

The Coca Cola Company has recently been sued by POM Wonderful given their claim that they have released a newer, cheaper pomegranate juice drink. While POM contains mostly pomegranate juice, the Minute Maid version is mostly blueberry, apple, grape and other fruits with just a touch of pomegranate. Not only are these advertising claims misleading but they could have made some people sick if they were not sure of the sugar content. Many are looking to grab a lawsuit cash advance and strike back against what they also feel was false advertising.

Setting New Standards

This case is going to set new standards for when a company can be sued for false advertising . If companies make claims that their products are capable of doing more than could be possible if applied as directed then customers might be able to seek retribution, particularly if the claims that companies make could cause harm to people counting on them. If you have been harmed by a product or trusted a product that claimed it would then you could be entitled to compensation. A pre-settlement funding can help you seek out the retribution you deserve for your trouble.

Protect others from False Claims

While it may seem difficult to attain a legal funding and go after a major company because they lied to the public . However, if you make the effort to take your case public then it could warn other people about the false claims that these companies are making. If companies are forced to be accountable for the claims that they make it will force them to start making higher quality products that actually life up to the standards that customers are looking for in the things that they buy and use every day.

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