Benefits of Pegasus Funding LLC Lawsuit Cash Advances

Life does not stop even if you are faced with difficulties and challenges. Pegasus Legal Funding knows the negative effects of a pending lawsuit on a litigant’s life. Litigants acquire medical bills, lose their jobs, miss out several days at work and fail to keep up with their monthly financial commitments. The stress of a legal battle is definitely tiresome. However, your bad days are over. We are here to assist you in all of your financial dilemmas.

Providing You with Legal Financial Assistance

Pegasus Legal Funding offers fast approvals as well as low interest lawsuit loans to aid in assisting plaintiffs. You may use these loans for funding various lawsuits such as personal injury lawsuits, structured settlement funding, commercial lawsuits, annuity buyouts, ongoing court cases and settled cases. We also provide legal funding solutions suitable for those who really need it. There are no restrictions on how much we cash we can advance you. Our funding services are all non-recourse.
h3. Legal Funding Offered

We provide various legal funding that are sure to help litigants with their multiple financial burdens. Our financial assistance includes the following:

• Pre-settlement Funding.Pegasus Legal Funding knows the importance of having a steady financial support during a pending court case. Therefore, our application process is fast and simple. Litigants, who apply, can receive them within 48 hours.

• Post-settlement Loans.We also offer solutions for plaintiffs who settled their lawsuits through our post-settlement funding. This type of funding is ideal for settlement compensation payouts that may take several months.

• Commercial Litigation Funding.We also sympathize with litigants who are undergoing a commercial lawsuit. This kind of court battle will cost you a huge amount of money because of its duration and complexity. Therefore, our services will definitely be beneficial for litigants under this kind of legal case.

• Structured Settlement Funding & Annuity Payments Buyouts. Our structured funding services are perfect for those who are receiving structured settlement payments on a monthly basis. If you have a sudden need for additional financial assistance, we are more than happy to help you.

Pegasus Legal Funding is one of the leaders in providing non-recourse lawsuit funding. We know the hardship of undergoing a court case. The stress of being a litigant will definitely take its toll. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to support litigants with high quality customer service and low cost legal financial assistance .

Pegasus Legal Funding provides you with the finances you need in order to fund your legal case fully. Our services are tailored fit to each of our clients. We lend a hand to those who need it the most. Start your application for your lawsuit cash advance. Never hesitate to call us tool free.

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