5 things a Car Accident Lawyer Can do Instead of You

Accidents happen, it’s a fact. But, many people think they don’t need an attorney after it. You may think like this – I have car insurance, car accidents happen all the time, so my company is going to take care of it.
But, don’t rely on this. Relying only on your self can be useful in some situations, but if you’re a victim of a car accident, don’t be stubborn – you need to call an attorney. Why is this? You may know a lot about your rights in car accidents etc., but you may be surprised to know that the amount you receive as compensation can be significantly increased by your attorney.

Here I’ll list five things you can’t do – but, your attorney can.

1. He can stop you from telling: “It’s my fault, I admit it”

Although it is actually your fault and your conscience is telling you that you must admit it right there, at the place where accident happened, this morally impulsive reacting may cost you a lot later. After the accident, firstly you must see if anyone needs help, then call 911 and – your attorney (specialized for car accidents). He is the only person who can give you proper advice about what you should do or say (if you need such things, after all).

2. He can stop you from ‘’taking the deal’’

Drivers involved in car accidents usually try not to get cops or “”:https://www.mylawfunds.com/pegasus-provides-auto-accident-lawsuit-financing involved, so they offer you cash instead. They think both of you can ‘’handle the situation without authorities’’, so other party is offering you partly amount to cover the damage on your car. You can deal with car accidents without insurance companies, indeed, but think about it. These types of deal ‘’at the crime scene’’ won’t help you with your car’s damage. The amount you’d get simply wouldn’t be enough for you to cover the damage on your car. Attorney can help you with this – he can make sure that you won’t have any future bills and expenses if you really want to make this on-the-spot deal

3. He can help you deal with police report

During their whole career, car accident attorneys deal with different types of police reports with no effort. You can surely deal with a police report on yourself, but only if you’re totally familiar with it. If that’s not the case, it’s always better to call an attorney

4. He can gather evidences in a way you can’t

Gathering evidence – pfft, I can do it by myself. But, how will you do that? You’ll talk to witnesses, you’ll take pictures (using your smartphone, I guess). But, do you have ability to collect, so called, black box data for your car and other cars involved? I doubt that. Car accidents attorneys have professional equipment for gathering evidences, so you should leave that to him

5. He can deal with investigators, adjusters, insurance companies etc., for you

The fact is that car accident attorneys usually maintain good relations with insurance companies (after all, they work with them almost every day). Car accident attorneys are familiar with insurance company’s policies, so they use it in the best possible way. Your car accident attorney can figure out which uninsured parties need to be sued and, for example.

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